There are ghost – perhaps even angels – that live between the spaces of our lives. Biddy Mason, an African-American woman, is one who walks among us in the Central Market and downtown on Broadway. Biddy, a slave who was freed in 1854, was a community worker who helped people in need. She is the beautiful angel, a ghost on the Angel’s Flight that will remain a part of the story of Los Angeles. Although she is not written in our textbooks, her presence is among us. Here, she is surrounded in the windows of Angel’s Flight by images of other people who have made history. They are the people who have struggled for justice, equality, and truth. They are strong people whose struggles have positively impacted our lives , such as Angela Davis, Rosa Parks, a young woman struggling to get an education, and the Black Panthers. Also depicted is an image of the L.A. civil unrest of 1992, "Freedom Won’t Wait," by Noni Olabisi. These figures represent fear, rage, quiet dignity, and pride.