SPARC has involved hundreds of artists and the community members in the creation and presentation of public art works. Under the Neighborhood Pride Program, over 83 murals have been produced since 1988 in almost every ethnic community of Los Angeles.

"Calle De La Eternidad", Johanna Poethig,

BBF Broadway Building, 351 Broadway Blvd., at 4th St. Downtown L.A.

"Philipino Americans: a Glorious History, a Golden Legacy," Eliseo Silva,

U.S. Postal Service, 1660 Beverly Blvd. L.A.

"Urban Eden," Karen Kitchel,

101 Fwy (North) by MulhollandBridge overpass.

"Cecil," Richard Wyatt,

Watts Tower Arts Center (south-facing wall),1727 East 107th St., Watts.

"All That You Can Be," Elliot Pinkney,

Legal,Foundation, exterior facing wall,8601 South Broadway at Manchester

"Black Seeds," Shaw Park Muralists,

MCI Printing Building, East Wall, 2301 West Jefferson Blvd. (at 3rd Ave.), L.A.

"Book of Dreams," George Yepes,

Department of Children's Social Services, 564 S. Mateo St., Los Angeles

"Breaking Bread," Daryl Wells,

National Council of Jewish Women, 543 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles

"Building a Healthy Community," David Fichter,

Practicare Medical Group, 3031 S. Vermont Ave., L.A